NAB Review of Ruby Heart of the Dragon – Sun Signs for Our Times

NAB Review of The Ruby Heart of the Dragon: Sun Signs for Our Times

By Mark Borax

5 Stars

“Spiritual Essence of the Zodiac”

    I must admit the title had my attention and intrigue from the very beginning of my mystical journey into this beautifully written book full of meticulous knowledge of astrology, the zodiac, and the human spirit. In the author’s words, “The zodiac is a creation story that proposes twelve variations on the theme of being human, twelve quests for individuation, twelve life arts, twelve invitations to awaken.”

    The book begins with an explanation of what it means when someone asks you what your astrology sign is. Simply put, it is the sign that the sun was passing through when you were born. According to the author, you have two other crucial signs. There is the one you are leaving behind and the one you are heading toward.

Mark tells us, ”Arabian astrologers lent provocative names to the north and south nodes of the Moon, the karmic points where the Moon’s orbit crosses the path of the sun. They called your south node, which contains issues left over from your past and from your past lives, the dragon’s tail, and the opposite point of the north node they called the dragon’s head, which indicates the true north of your life, the destiny your soul came back to create.”

A paragraph later he writes, “I see your astrological Sun as a ruby heart which stimulates the warm emanation of your innermost being and empowers you to shine your creative purpose into the world.”

According to him, the way to use this book is in understanding your Dragontail, Sun sign and Dragonhead. These represent your past, present and future. The book has a very easy to understand chart at the back of the book to look up your own personal dragontail and dragonhead according to your birth date.

In his words, “The more you resolve unfinished business at the tail end, the more your ruby heart flashes a laser beam into the territory ahead. The more progress you make going forward, the less binding is the heavy tail of the past.”

The true beauty of the book is in the meticulous and thoughtful writing and explanation of each astrological sign. The author has a lovely writing style that captures and creates the pure beauty and vivid imagery of each sign along with the challenges that may be presented. His own personal stories are perfectly intertwined along with some poetic prose and so much more.

    My spiritual path becoming a shaman was paved with metaphysical studies in every field imaginable. Astrology was one that I had not invested much into because it was always going to be one of my last to master if you will. I now know that I was waiting on the author, Mark Borax to write this incredible book! Timing is everything. This book was to be my introduction to the true spiritual essence of the zodiac and my go-to reference for astrology and sun signs. When spirit resonates, I feel it and I know it! This book resonates with the spiritual essence of the zodiac and will awaken your dragon within!

Review by Shaman Vitki

NAB Review of The delusion of Hope

NAB Review of The Delusion of Hope – A Guide to a New Age

By s.f pfister

5 Stars

“Gnostic Love”

The author shares in the beginning that the soul intent of this book is to introduce you to what he has termed the “Higher Knowledge” and through the understanding of that “Higher Knowledge”, you can come to realize that you are much more than the superficial identity you have thought yourself into being. According to him, this book is a testament to the life force within us and the many ways it can manifest and affect the human experience. After experiencing his own spontaneous kundalini rising, he now shares the universal wisdom that lies within the very soul of our existence.

He writes the vast majority of us are thinking from a superficial, egoic, mind-based appraisal of life and that is very restrictive in reaching a higher level of spiritual consciousness of an enlightened mind. He also points out that in this modern-day materialistic society, our left brain can dominate our perspective. This results in a lower vibration and mental interpretation of life. It is in learning to let go of this false identity that has been created within yourself from your own programming and thinking from this egoic mind that helps you awaken the spiritual warrior within.

There are so many quotes and references from many enlightened masters and ancient writings, including those words and sayings associated with Jesus contained in this book. It would be too lengthy to cover them all, but some of my favorites come from The Gospel of Thomas and the Kabalion. The author has perfectly included these to accent his own writing in this book as well as his shared wisdom. As the author will so perfectly explain, these are perfect reminders that God as your Higher Self is always with you as well as the wisdom of Higher Knowledge is within you. It is by journeying through the dark nights of the soul per se or the fears and pains of this world that create the darker thoughts in your mind and by replacing these lower vibrational thoughts with your true unconditional love and acceptance of God’s plan that leads to an enlightened life. The author does an exceptional job of explaining that this is easier said than done, but the knowledge shared in this book will help you integrate the wisdom needed to awaken the Divine within.

As a shaman and from a shamanistic perspective, this book was very refreshing to read. Making this book a must read, the spiritual wisdom contained in this book and shared by the author resonates with me on so many levels. Do yourself a favor and awaken to the “Higher Knowledge” within yourself by having the wisdom to read this book.  

Review by Shaman Vitki

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Nab review of John & George in spirit: Harmonics of the heart

NAB Review of John & George in Spirit: Harmonics of the Heart

By Susan Jean Courtney

5 Stars

“Vibrational Resonance of Love”

This book is written from the perspective of the author’s channeling sessions with John Lennon and George Harrison. She writes that John Lennon and George Harrison made themselves known to her in 2006 and they began to have occasional conversations. In 2020 they asked her if she would publish a volume with them. From over 90 of these recorded sessions, John and George express their deepest feelings about their childhoods, Beatles’ lives and loves.   

They talk of centuries of planning and multiple lifetimes that the four Beatles spent planning their purpose of spreading love and peace. John and George have now expanded their mission across Earth and out into the universe. They have now formed a massive group of people and beings, living and discarnate, that they call the Universal Soul Band. The good news is that anyone who is willing to listen through his or her heart and participate in the projection of the music of reconciliation and higher love across space and time can join the band.  

Where it gets truly interesting is in the 60 plus practices and meditations that they provide to help along the way. These are designed to help you to listen to them, to the heartbeat of humanity, and to Earth’s reverberations. The goal is to bring humanity into higher resonance and to bring Earth into cosmic consciousness. They tell us that we are all musicians in a sense that we all send out sound vibrations depending on our moods and emotions. They hammer home that all matter is made up of sound vibrations. They also tell us each soul lives in a vibrationally entangled clan of souls. Each soul finds its self-expression by modifying its chosen keynote to create harmonic resonance with other souls on a level of consciousness in different ways. The purpose of this book is to open your ears to the sounds of human life, which can be grounded through your self-knowledge of feelings and emotions. In doing so you can become aware of the higher vibrations of love, care, and concern, and especially hope.

I must confess that I never really considered myself a fan of the Beatles. It wasn’t until I read this book that I forced myself to listen to the entire Beatles catalogue to see what I was missing. I can honestly say I have a newly found appreciation for them now. As a practicing shaman, I use music to enhance my mood and meditations all the time. That concept is not new to me. I know how important music is for me and how it effects the mind and body. I love how this book incorporates and explains in detail the inner workings of sound vibrations on our daily lives and others. I can honestly say it gave me a perspective that I had not spent a lot of time focusing on before. This book is one you can go back to many times over for reference and practice meditations. If you are a fan of the Beatles, you are in for a treat. If you are like I once was, you might just find a new appreciation.

Review by Shaman Vitki NAB Review –

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NAB Review of The Art of Sparkling By Becky Brittain, PH.D

5 Stars

“Spirit Fingers”

The book begins by the author sharing with the reader, “MY SUPERPOWER IS SPARKLING!” According to the author, Sparkling is a transmission of energies visualized as sparkling light. She sends out this energy of light through her fingers to intentionally enliven people, nature, and animals. According to her, every one of us has a “bare-naked radiance” that can be infused with more light. We too can become sparklers.

She writes, “It’s a natural expression of light given with pure love and dedication. We embody light and are continuously surrounded by fields of light that provide life-sustaining energies.” She tells the reader that the main purpose of sparkling is to send out your inner light to yourself and others whenever the heartfelt need is there to do so. The great news is we live in a quantum world so sparkling also works long distance too!

With the sun being the source of all light on earth, she writes,” Sparkling is an energetic tool that mirrors the first act of God, who chose the medium of light for creation.” She explains that everything in the universe is light and energy, whose sparks and impulses nourish our brain, draw subtle energy into our chakras and bodies, and allow us to see.

Don’t worry about the details of who, what, when, where, or how to sparkle. She provides exercises and tools for you to follow so that you too can learn the art of sparkling! I love how fun and creative the author is in sharing her gift with the reader in this book. She shares her own personal journey and lessons learned from many of her own teachers which I found to be very inspiring and interesting. The section about her work with Dr. Valerie Hunt, who was professor emeritus of physiological sciences at UCLA was fascinating. Hunt’s work focusing on studying the aura and biofields around the physical body is captivating.

Even though I am a practicing shaman, I must admit that reading or seeing the colors in auras has never been one of my strongest skills. However, I can see energy fields and sense and feel shifts in the flow and transference of energy with ease. That is why I love the author’s presentation of sparkling! It is a vibrant take and explanation of energy transference of love and light, making this book a must-read. I know I am ready to let my sparks flow!

Review by Shaman Vitki
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NAB Review of Utopia Found: A Blueprint for Spiritual Renaissance and World Peace

By Troy Reicherter

5 Stars

“Utopian Blessings”

The book begins with a discussion on science and the search for spiritual truth in the West. Reicherter explains how science is limited in its ability to make that determination. He also argues that the technological revolution and science are not necessarily leading us to a better future. He summarizes some main concerns under the headings of global warming, loss of ecosystems and pollution. I found the amount of research quoted and footnoted to be a testament to the author’s work throughout the entire book.

This is especially true in the next section of the book in examining science’s mechanist theory. Reicherter writes, “The mechanist theory states that no phenomena in the universe are beyond the ability of physics and chemistry to explain.” He then proceeds to list and detail the many phenomena that would disprove the mechanist theory. This is a fascinating section of the book and one that I truly enjoyed reading. Some metaphysical examples discussed included near-death experiences, reincarnation, unlearned language ability, meditation and much more.

The book then takes the reader on an amazing spiritual journey with research and quotes from all the past spiritual sages. It looks at the teachings of Christ from a yoga perspective and a larger spiritual context. It then discusses the principles and practices of many of the world’s spiritual traditions and religions and looks at the many overlaps in commonality. If I were to teach a college course in the fundamentals of spirituality, this book would be on the required reading list.

Reicherter then culminates his idea of a blueprint for a spiritual renaissance. He provides a template for establishing spiritual communities to bring people of all races together to help create a more peaceful and sustainable future. Many will find this template to be most challenging to accept and adopt- not because it lacks merit or is unattainable, but because it will challenge the individualism and the egos of most readers. Then again, shouldn’t true spiritual growth do just that?

As a shaman, I have undergone my own personal spiritual renaissance. I can attest to the research and conclusions this book makes in falsifying the mechanist theory. There is so much to the metaphysical and spiritual realms that science is not ready to prove or explain. This book does a superb job in explaining and documenting research in all facets. I can not credit the author enough in his quoted research of studies and spiritual quotes of the world’s traditions. The amount of information in this book makes it a must-read for any person looking to understand more from spirituality or wanting to change the world to be a better place. I feel blessed by reading it.

Review by Shaman Vitki

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Nab Review of Tributaries: A Book of Poetry

By Pamala Ballingham

5 Stars

“Spiritual Resonance”

This engaging book of free verse, story poems and a chapter of haiku takes the reader on a spiritual journey of mystical and natural exploration. The journey begins by awakening the senses to pinon pines and places far away. These poems have undertones of grief and loss with an even greater understanding of the natural order and the beauty within the circle of life. The first chapter ends with one of my favorites of the book, The Grandfather.

The journey continues with a beach walk of majestic creativity.  Each poem illustrates magical imagery and a sense of being. After exploring the wonders of the beach, the poems illuminate the spirit of love and transcend into the joyous wonders and secrets of nature and its seasons. Just like the mysterious workings of the Muse, the poems inspire and awaken the senses to recognize the love and beauty within ourselves, as well as all around us.

This brings me back to The Grandfather. As a shaman, I can truly appreciate the wisdom conveyed in that short story. Here is a sample:

”Life is a journey, Grandson. It takes a long time to travel from the head to the heart.”

Timidly the boy ventures, “What is this road, Grandfather?”

“It is a listening road,” the grandfather replies. “Listen to the wisdom stirring inside you.”

The grandfather continues to impart more wisdom and enlightenment on the grandson, but I will save that to be discovered by the reader.

That story is a microcosm for the same wisdom and enlightenment found throughout this book of poetry. In all honesty, poetry is not something I choose to read often. The spiritual resonance this book has with the human spirit and the wonders of nature, makes it a wonderful exception.

Review by Shaman Vitki

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Kindle version

NAB Review of Meet Me In Atlantis

NAB Review of Meet Me In Atlantis

By Megan Sebastian


4 Stars


“An Atlantean Utopia”


Told in the first person, a doctor begins writing in a journal for her own sanity after a magnetic pole reversal. She survived by hunkering under an antique French farmhouse table, but she is separated from her husband and twin children, who are at their cabin in South Park, Colorado. The end of the world as we know it has happened.

Faced with the burden of being alone, she must brave the apocalyptic environment to try and get to her family. She isn’t alone long, when she finds a make shift camp in a park. There she meets Isolde, with whom she has a strange palpable connection. Isolde is waiting to meet up with her twin brother Ian. Together they band with a few other interesting characters and begin to transform the make shift camp into more of a community.

After learning of geographical catastrophes as well as political and military discourse, the doctor and her new kindred group set out on their mystical adventure. There is a heightened sense of an ethereal energy that is affecting everyone. Psychic ESP is heightened and much more. There is a new continent that has emerged during the pole shift and that continent is Atlantis.


As a shaman, I love working with ethereal energy and crystals. I have always been fascinated by stories of Atlantis and all the mystery surrounding it. This story encompasses all the mysteries of ethereal energy that I find to be universal truths and that is what I loved about it. The encompassing way ethereal energy is portrayed in this book is magical and well done. The story does have some political and social outcomes as well as some personal conflicts that some readers may find challenging. I enjoyed this book and was left wanting more at its end. Maybe that is coming in a sequel.



Review by Shaman Vitki

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NAB Review of Dancing at Angel Abbey

NAB Review of Dancing at Angel Abbey
By Lauren M. Bloom

5 Stars … Our first review of a fiction book and what a delight it was.

“Angelic Delight”

Kate Cunningham is a partner with a Manhattan law firm whose life becomes chaotic when she finds a note that reads, “Your father is dying. Come home at once.” Accompanied by her faithful Siamese cat, Honore’, Kate is propelled into a journey of synchronistic and mystical experiences that will have a transformational effect on her life.

Kate’s trip to see her father takes her to her childhood home in Angel Falls. There she is reconnected and welcomed home by Andrew and Bella who help care for her father’s house and estate. Andrew and Bella are a very sweet and caring couple who have known Kate since she was a little girl and they care for her deeply.
Upon returning to her childhood home, her life begins to unravel. As if dealing with a dying father isn’t enough, she receives a phone call from her law firm’s managing partner, Mr. Blackwell. After receiving career threatening news from him, it gets much worse for Kate. She soon receives a letter from her father’s attorney. The contents of the letter are even more devastating to Kate.

With the help of Bella and Andrew, Kate is introduced to the eccentric Lucina des Anges. Lucina is known as “The Lady of Angel Abbey.” The Abbey is a magical place where many people seem to find whatever they need most. Bewildered by the Abbey and inspired by the people she meets there, Kate remains untrusting of Lucina.

What Kate doesn’t know is the Archangel Gabriel is guiding her toward her destiny and he isn’t the only one. All the Archangels are sharing their wisdom, tough love, and blessings with Kate and the reader. With the help of the Archangels and the magic of Angel Abbey, Kate is on a collision course with her destiny. This is where the magic of her true self-discovery begins to occur.

As a shaman who believes in a spirit world and one who knows the help we receive from kindred spirits, it was very enjoyable to read the lessons and wisdom imparted from the Archangels. Ironically, it was also difficult for me since I don’t embrace Christianity as my religion. However, having a belief in Christianity or angels is irrelevant to one’s enjoyment of this book. What matters most is this book is inspiring and leaves the reader with reminders of universal truths regarding life, death, love, kindness, forgiveness, and more. A fictional book isn’t usually my first choice for reading, but this book was an exceptional treat. I absolutely loved the book and its characters, whom I missed after I had finished reading it. It would make an excellent movie script and builds to a climax that would make Hollywood proud.

Winner for New Age Fiction – 2016 International Book Awards.

Review by Shaman Vitki
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NAB Review of Joyful Now: Heal Yourself Heal the World

joyful now

NAB Review of Joyful Now: Heal Yourself Heal the World

by T. M. Marshall

5 Stars

“Essence of Joy”

The author, T.M. Marshall, explains that joy is the underlying essence of goodwill, true happiness, and the truest expression of unconditional love. According to the author, the cause of all human suffering lies in our perception filters and happiness is a state of mind and joy is a state of being. Perception is key to our state of well-being and to truly awaken is to live in the here and now.

The purpose of this book is twofold. The primary objective is to reignite our natural state of joy through mindful practices. The second objective is to assist the world in finding greater balance. By expanding on many theories and well-known practices, such as manifesting desires, self-love, positive affirmations, shadow play, anchoring, and much more, T. M. Marshall helps the reader bring the essence of joy into his or her life.

I can truly embrace and attest to the practices that are presented in this enlightening and joyful book. As a shaman, I truly enjoyed the section on shadow play and facing and recognizing fears within our subconscious minds. I firmly believe this is where so much of the awakening and joyful magic happens. I also love how the author gives the reader simple practices throughout the book to achieve results and awaken the essence of joy within. The Spirit walk exercise is one of my favorites as well!

I highly recommend this book to everyone. Even if you are the happiest person on earth, this book contains enough wisdom and practices to maintain that lasting joy and to help those you love and to respect those you don’t. If you find joy lacking in your life, this book is the perfect guide to achieving the essence of joy and living a passion filled life.


Review by Shaman Vitki

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NAB Review of The Great Mother Bible: or I’d rather be gardening

greatmother bible

NAB Review of The Great Mother Bible: or I’d rather be gardening….

by Mare Cromwell

5 Stars


“A Mother’s Love”

Having studied for around 14 years with a Cherokee teacher and then many Native American medicine people as well as being an ardent environmentalist and a professional gardener, Mare has a gift to channel and communicate with Great Mother and is called on to share this wisdom in the Great Mother Bible. Mare explains that Great Mother is the Sacred Feminine aspect of the Divine Creator and that Earth Mother is also an embodiment of the Sacred Feminine here on Earth as our planetary caretaker and is a distinctly different spiritual consciousness. Great Mother and Earth Mother explain both have been ignored far too long and now is the time for balance and harmony. After being diagnosed with lymphoma in 2012, Mare had been on a journey to heal herself through alternative medicine. “Surrender, listen, and show up”, had become her credo with Earth Mother being her guide. Mare refers to her as Mother.

Mother asks Mare to write the Great Mother Bible because she says it is time to have another book that offers spiritual wisdom and guidance from a more maternal lens on spirituality. Mother explains that society and religions all over the world have been influenced and dominated by the patriarchal energies that stem from alien beings that visited Earth long ago.  This has created a great need for balance and healing with Great Mother that everyone should recognize and embrace. Mother also shares her wisdom about the Christ Consciousness and how much love exists within this realm of spiritual energy for all of us to tap into. Another main tenet that Great Mother conveys, is that she is also the embodiment of Earth and nature. Therefore, by loving and respecting the earth and all of nature, we are strengthening our spiritual bond and love with her. Great healing can be achieved on all levels for ourselves and for Earth Mother in this way.

I love the wisdom and the message of love within this book! That being said, I also know that some people will find some aspects of it challenging to accept and resonate with while others will find the calm and love that their spirit is longing for. Either way, I know that Great Mother and Earth Mother are very loving and powerful and they have been neglected from modern society and we should all incorporate them back into our daily lives and worship. The Great Mother Bible is the perfect book to awaken and remind us all of how to do just that.

Review by Shaman Vitki

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