NAB Review of Utopia Found: A Blueprint for Spiritual Renaissance and World Peace

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By Troy Reicherter

5 Stars

“Utopian Blessings”

The book begins with a discussion on science and the search for spiritual truth in the West. Reicherter explains how science is limited in its ability to make that determination. He also argues that the technological revolution and science are not necessarily leading us to a better future. He summarizes some main concerns under the headings of global warming, loss of ecosystems and pollution. I found the amount of research quoted and footnoted to be a testament to the author’s work throughout the entire book.

This is especially true in the next section of the book in examining science’s mechanist theory. Reicherter writes, “The mechanist theory states that no phenomena in the universe are beyond the ability of physics and chemistry to explain.” He then proceeds to list and detail the many phenomena that would disprove the mechanist theory. This is a fascinating section of the book and one that I truly enjoyed reading. Some metaphysical examples discussed included near-death experiences, reincarnation, unlearned language ability, meditation and much more.

The book then takes the reader on an amazing spiritual journey with research and quotes from all the past spiritual sages. It looks at the teachings of Christ from a yoga perspective and a larger spiritual context. It then discusses the principles and practices of many of the world’s spiritual traditions and religions and looks at the many overlaps in commonality. If I were to teach a college course in the fundamentals of spirituality, this book would be on the required reading list.

Reicherter then culminates his idea of a blueprint for a spiritual renaissance. He provides a template for establishing spiritual communities to bring people of all races together to help create a more peaceful and sustainable future. Many will find this template to be most challenging to accept and adopt- not because it lacks merit or is unattainable, but because it will challenge the individualism and the egos of most readers. Then again, shouldn’t true spiritual growth do just that?

As a shaman, I have undergone my own personal spiritual renaissance. I can attest to the research and conclusions this book makes in falsifying the mechanist theory. There is so much to the metaphysical and spiritual realms that science is not ready to prove or explain. This book does a superb job in explaining and documenting research in all facets. I can not credit the author enough in his quoted research of studies and spiritual quotes of the world’s traditions. The amount of information in this book makes it a must-read for any person looking to understand more from spirituality or wanting to change the world to be a better place. I feel blessed by reading it.

Review by Shaman Vitki

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