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Nab Review of Tributaries: A Book of Poetry

By Pamala Ballingham

5 Stars

“Spiritual Resonance”

This engaging book of free verse, story poems and a chapter of haiku takes the reader on a spiritual journey of mystical and natural exploration. The journey begins by awakening the senses to pinon pines and places far away. These poems have undertones of grief and loss with an even greater understanding of the natural order and the beauty within the circle of life. The first chapter ends with one of my favorites of the book, The Grandfather.

The journey continues with a beach walk of majestic creativity.  Each poem illustrates magical imagery and a sense of being. After exploring the wonders of the beach, the poems illuminate the spirit of love and transcend into the joyous wonders and secrets of nature and its seasons. Just like the mysterious workings of the Muse, the poems inspire and awaken the senses to recognize the love and beauty within ourselves, as well as all around us.

This brings me back to The Grandfather. As a shaman, I can truly appreciate the wisdom conveyed in that short story. Here is a sample:

”Life is a journey, Grandson. It takes a long time to travel from the head to the heart.”

Timidly the boy ventures, “What is this road, Grandfather?”

“It is a listening road,” the grandfather replies. “Listen to the wisdom stirring inside you.”

The grandfather continues to impart more wisdom and enlightenment on the grandson, but I will save that to be discovered by the reader.

That story is a microcosm for the same wisdom and enlightenment found throughout this book of poetry. In all honesty, poetry is not something I choose to read often. The spiritual resonance this book has with the human spirit and the wonders of nature, makes it a wonderful exception.

Review by Shaman Vitki

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