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NAB Review of The delusion of Hope

NAB Review of The Delusion of Hope – A Guide to a New Age

By s.f pfister

5 Stars

“Gnostic Love”

The author shares in the beginning that the soul intent of this book is to introduce you to what he has termed the “Higher Knowledge” and through the understanding of that “Higher Knowledge”, you can come to realize that you are much more than the superficial identity you have thought yourself into being. According to him, this book is a testament to the life force within us and the many ways it can manifest and affect the human experience. After experiencing his own spontaneous kundalini rising, he now shares the universal wisdom that lies within the very soul of our existence.

He writes the vast majority of us are thinking from a superficial, egoic, mind-based appraisal of life and that is very restrictive in reaching a higher level of spiritual consciousness of an enlightened mind. He also points out that in this modern-day materialistic society, our left brain can dominate our perspective. This results in a lower vibration and mental interpretation of life. It is in learning to let go of this false identity that has been created within yourself from your own programming and thinking from this egoic mind that helps you awaken the spiritual warrior within.

There are so many quotes and references from many enlightened masters and ancient writings, including those words and sayings associated with Jesus contained in this book. It would be too lengthy to cover them all, but some of my favorites come from The Gospel of Thomas and the Kabalion. The author has perfectly included these to accent his own writing in this book as well as his shared wisdom. As the author will so perfectly explain, these are perfect reminders that God as your Higher Self is always with you as well as the wisdom of Higher Knowledge is within you. It is by journeying through the dark nights of the soul per se or the fears and pains of this world that create the darker thoughts in your mind and by replacing these lower vibrational thoughts with your true unconditional love and acceptance of God’s plan that leads to an enlightened life. The author does an exceptional job of explaining that this is easier said than done, but the knowledge shared in this book will help you integrate the wisdom needed to awaken the Divine within.

As a shaman and from a shamanistic perspective, this book was very refreshing to read. Making this book a must read, the spiritual wisdom contained in this book and shared by the author resonates with me on so many levels. Do yourself a favor and awaken to the “Higher Knowledge” within yourself by having the wisdom to read this book.  

Review by Shaman Vitki

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