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NAB Review of Ruby Heart of the Dragon – Sun Signs for Our Times

NAB Review of The Ruby Heart of the Dragon: Sun Signs for Our Times

By Mark Borax

5 Stars

“Spiritual Essence of the Zodiac”

    I must admit the title had my attention and intrigue from the very beginning of my mystical journey into this beautifully written book full of meticulous knowledge of astrology, the zodiac, and the human spirit. In the author’s words, “The zodiac is a creation story that proposes twelve variations on the theme of being human, twelve quests for individuation, twelve life arts, twelve invitations to awaken.”

    The book begins with an explanation of what it means when someone asks you what your astrology sign is. Simply put, it is the sign that the sun was passing through when you were born. According to the author, you have two other crucial signs. There is the one you are leaving behind and the one you are heading toward.

Mark tells us, ”Arabian astrologers lent provocative names to the north and south nodes of the Moon, the karmic points where the Moon’s orbit crosses the path of the sun. They called your south node, which contains issues left over from your past and from your past lives, the dragon’s tail, and the opposite point of the north node they called the dragon’s head, which indicates the true north of your life, the destiny your soul came back to create.”

A paragraph later he writes, “I see your astrological Sun as a ruby heart which stimulates the warm emanation of your innermost being and empowers you to shine your creative purpose into the world.”

According to him, the way to use this book is in understanding your Dragontail, Sun sign and Dragonhead. These represent your past, present and future. The book has a very easy to understand chart at the back of the book to look up your own personal dragontail and dragonhead according to your birth date.

In his words, “The more you resolve unfinished business at the tail end, the more your ruby heart flashes a laser beam into the territory ahead. The more progress you make going forward, the less binding is the heavy tail of the past.”

The true beauty of the book is in the meticulous and thoughtful writing and explanation of each astrological sign. The author has a lovely writing style that captures and creates the pure beauty and vivid imagery of each sign along with the challenges that may be presented. His own personal stories are perfectly intertwined along with some poetic prose and so much more.

    My spiritual path becoming a shaman was paved with metaphysical studies in every field imaginable. Astrology was one that I had not invested much into because it was always going to be one of my last to master if you will. I now know that I was waiting on the author, Mark Borax to write this incredible book! Timing is everything. This book was to be my introduction to the true spiritual essence of the zodiac and my go-to reference for astrology and sun signs. When spirit resonates, I feel it and I know it! This book resonates with the spiritual essence of the zodiac and will awaken your dragon within!

Review by Shaman Vitki

NAB Review of The Art of Sparkling By Becky Brittain, PH.D

5 Stars

“Spirit Fingers”

The book begins by the author sharing with the reader, “MY SUPERPOWER IS SPARKLING!” According to the author, Sparkling is a transmission of energies visualized as sparkling light. She sends out this energy of light through her fingers to intentionally enliven people, nature, and animals. According to her, every one of us has a “bare-naked radiance” that can be infused with more light. We too can become sparklers.

She writes, “It’s a natural expression of light given with pure love and dedication. We embody light and are continuously surrounded by fields of light that provide life-sustaining energies.” She tells the reader that the main purpose of sparkling is to send out your inner light to yourself and others whenever the heartfelt need is there to do so. The great news is we live in a quantum world so sparkling also works long distance too!

With the sun being the source of all light on earth, she writes,” Sparkling is an energetic tool that mirrors the first act of God, who chose the medium of light for creation.” She explains that everything in the universe is light and energy, whose sparks and impulses nourish our brain, draw subtle energy into our chakras and bodies, and allow us to see.

Don’t worry about the details of who, what, when, where, or how to sparkle. She provides exercises and tools for you to follow so that you too can learn the art of sparkling! I love how fun and creative the author is in sharing her gift with the reader in this book. She shares her own personal journey and lessons learned from many of her own teachers which I found to be very inspiring and interesting. The section about her work with Dr. Valerie Hunt, who was professor emeritus of physiological sciences at UCLA was fascinating. Hunt’s work focusing on studying the aura and biofields around the physical body is captivating.

Even though I am a practicing shaman, I must admit that reading or seeing the colors in auras has never been one of my strongest skills. However, I can see energy fields and sense and feel shifts in the flow and transference of energy with ease. That is why I love the author’s presentation of sparkling! It is a vibrant take and explanation of energy transference of love and light, making this book a must-read. I know I am ready to let my sparks flow!

Review by Shaman Vitki
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NAB Review of Dirt, TRUTH, Music and Bungee Cords: Conversations with the Souls who guide my life

dirt truth


NAB Review of Dirt, TRUTH, Music and Bungee Cords: Conversations with the Souls who guide my life

by Bud Megargee

5 Stars

“Awakening Transformational Faith”

Having a career in the mental health healing profession, Bud had always considered himself to be conservative, excessively controlling, and very analytical in his thinking. On the night before his divorce proceeding, he sees a strange image that appears to be a window. In his mind he hears the name Elias.  Intrigued by the experience and with a growing discontent of the mental health profession, Bud begins on a spiritual journey that takes place over a six year period.

After meeting with a gifted oracle named Shirlet, Bud begins to communicate with soul guides.  Bud shares the direct and truthful dialogues he has with his two soul guides named Laz and Ucerous, providing insight, spiritual lessons, and explanations of spiritual truths. Laz and Ucerous explain many topics to help guide Bud through his own spiritual and personal introspection.  Through this introspection and spiritual guidance, a spiritual transformation and understanding of spiritual truths are realized.

Even though Bud is the one who is receiving guidance and doing his own self introspection, the honest and personal lessons he learns can be applied to everyone. Reading this book, I was constantly reminded of my own spiritual transformation and the lessons I had learned along the way from my own spirit guides.  It touched a special place within me page by page.  As a shaman, I know we are guided by spirit and that communication with our spirit guides is there for all of us to develop and learn from. I also know the hard lessons of a spiritual nature that we all are confronted with. This book is well written and the spiritual truths and insights make this a must read.

Review by Shaman Vitki

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