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Nab review of John & George in spirit: Harmonics of the heart

NAB Review of John & George in Spirit: Harmonics of the Heart

By Susan Jean Courtney

5 Stars

“Vibrational Resonance of Love”

This book is written from the perspective of the author’s channeling sessions with John Lennon and George Harrison. She writes that John Lennon and George Harrison made themselves known to her in 2006 and they began to have occasional conversations. In 2020 they asked her if she would publish a volume with them. From over 90 of these recorded sessions, John and George express their deepest feelings about their childhoods, Beatles’ lives and loves.   

They talk of centuries of planning and multiple lifetimes that the four Beatles spent planning their purpose of spreading love and peace. John and George have now expanded their mission across Earth and out into the universe. They have now formed a massive group of people and beings, living and discarnate, that they call the Universal Soul Band. The good news is that anyone who is willing to listen through his or her heart and participate in the projection of the music of reconciliation and higher love across space and time can join the band.  

Where it gets truly interesting is in the 60 plus practices and meditations that they provide to help along the way. These are designed to help you to listen to them, to the heartbeat of humanity, and to Earth’s reverberations. The goal is to bring humanity into higher resonance and to bring Earth into cosmic consciousness. They tell us that we are all musicians in a sense that we all send out sound vibrations depending on our moods and emotions. They hammer home that all matter is made up of sound vibrations. They also tell us each soul lives in a vibrationally entangled clan of souls. Each soul finds its self-expression by modifying its chosen keynote to create harmonic resonance with other souls on a level of consciousness in different ways. The purpose of this book is to open your ears to the sounds of human life, which can be grounded through your self-knowledge of feelings and emotions. In doing so you can become aware of the higher vibrations of love, care, and concern, and especially hope.

I must confess that I never really considered myself a fan of the Beatles. It wasn’t until I read this book that I forced myself to listen to the entire Beatles catalogue to see what I was missing. I can honestly say I have a newly found appreciation for them now. As a practicing shaman, I use music to enhance my mood and meditations all the time. That concept is not new to me. I know how important music is for me and how it effects the mind and body. I love how this book incorporates and explains in detail the inner workings of sound vibrations on our daily lives and others. I can honestly say it gave me a perspective that I had not spent a lot of time focusing on before. This book is one you can go back to many times over for reference and practice meditations. If you are a fan of the Beatles, you are in for a treat. If you are like I once was, you might just find a new appreciation.

Review by Shaman Vitki NAB Review – NewAgeBooksReview.com

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